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Deep Secrets By William Salmond

As the Coronavirus ravaged the world economy with the yawning chasm of inequality between rich and poor getting deeper and wider no one seemed to notice the movement south into Africa of swathes of Al-Qaeda hardened committed fighters. It was a unique opportunity to regroup and prepare for the final knock- out blow to the Great Satan and her allies whose economies were already on the ropes.

Is life a game of chance? Or is there a guiding hand? Racked by guilt and shame can we truly be forgiven and find healing and even love?

Money man Winslow Kirk looks for answers to these questions as he steps out of his comfort zone into the heart of Africa in search of his granddaughter Eleanor whom he allowed to be given up for adoption following a tragic boating accident. A threat note from the world’s number one terrorist who is coordinating the threat to Western countries sharpens his resolve. Can he find Eleanor and will she forgive him? After his wife’s death and his own cardiac illness he begins to muse about what really matters. Like a grain of sand slipping between the two shells of an oyster it irritates and itches. Could a new mysticism emerge like a pearl? Helped by epidemiologist Willow Carr who initiated Camp Hopeful a retreat for HIV positive young people in Uganda Winslow’s life changes beyond recognition. On the banks of Lake Albert in Uganda Eleanor is abducted and taken to a terrorist safe haven in DR Congo. Can he rescue her and receive her forgiveness? Helped also by Kaluki a simple pygmy in the Ituri Forest of DR Congo and teenager Kiabo, Eleanor’s new friend and the leader of Camp Hopeful, Winslow discovers that finding a new faith and mysticism takes on fresh meaning and with it a surprising prize.

Ceremony of Innocence by William Salmond

‘If you are looking for an adventurous read, look no further than William Salmond’s Ceremony of Innocence. The protagonists face challenges that could only happen somewhere as diverse, perilous and magnetic as Africa. However, finding love can happen anywhere and this is, at its core, a love story. Mr Salmond draws on the Bible, commercial progress, poetry, real life, Africa and relationships to develop twists and turns that make The Ceremony of Innocence a compelling read. The title comes from Yeats’ “The Second Coming” and I certainly look forward to the sequel! All in all, a sterling debut.’

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How strong is love? Can it overcome being trapped in the preparation for a nuclear hellstorm? Can it overcome capture in the remote, dangerous Ituri Forest of D.R. Congo? Meet Rory; a water engineer who is on a secret quest to find his son. Meet Silvery, prospecting for both rare minerals and love. In Africa, their paths cross. Will help from Dorcas, a Ugandan teacher turned-military intelligence officer be enough to rescue them and turn their growing fondness into love? Or will it take the mysterious intervention of Kaluki, a wizened Efe Pygmy in the Ituri Forest? Join Rory and Silvery on this roller coaster adventure of their lives to find out…

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Adventures of Isha by William Salmond

Once there was a young girl lion. Her name was Isha though her friends the bright yellow black- headed weaver birds often called her Sha. “Sha, sha, sha,” they would sing when they saw her coming. They lived above her in round grass nests hanging from tree branches. Sometimes there are many nests on one branch and they sway in the wind above the Ntungwe River. Isha lives deep in Africa in the south-west of Uganda and very near Congo. She is quite happy there but she has a big problem. You are going to hear all about it. Really, it’s hard to explain. If you came to visit Isha I’m sure you would understand.  Isha is a fun- loving rare tree climbing lion, join her on her African adventures as she travels with her friends Old rhino, Mumbo the Jumbo and Grumpy Warthog   and saves a strange two legged creature – a little boy!

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Grandma by William Salmond

National Book Trust of Uganda Literary Award

‘From the old jalopies on our roads to the stretches of green shrubs, the buffalo’s by the Nile and the vast expanse of the sky and the myriad stars hovering above us, Salmond lyrically depicts the country as generously gifted by nature. The author creates many heroes yet manages to remain transparent. The plot is uncomplicated with every chapter ending in suspense. He writes simply but colourfully; a style that reminded me of the works of John Steinbeck, especially Of Mice and Men.
In acknowledgement, Salmond notes: “Uganda remains a secret place to so many people in the world…I hope that Grandma’s adventures will open up this wonderful new world to many readers.” It sure did for me. With only 91 pages, I read the book in four hours and again and it was a smooth, funny, instructive and overall terrific read that by all accounts deserves a place in your bookshelf.’
Review by Journalist DENNIS D. MUHUMUZA the Sunday Monitor


Heather Morrow is a widow coming to grips with her husband’s sudden death. She thinks she is going to have to spend the rest of her life in a home until she discovers her granddaughter Flori is in Africa and in trouble!  Heather travels to Africa on a journey that becomes a life changing experience. Will she find Flori? Will she be safe, trekking war- torn Northern Uganda? Will her reunion with her granddaughter change their lives forever?

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